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Tapestry Workshop
"Going Green" 

Tapestry weaving with Valerie Kirk

A workshop with Canberra Spinners and Weavers, May-June 2019


In this workshop you will learn about grey-greens, blue-greens, yellow-greens through mixing colours on the bobbin for weaving and looking at where they sit on the colour wheel. The workshop will look at "Verdure", a historical form of tapestry featuring greenery - landscape, trees and plants for design inspiration. Inspired by a leaf, develop your own design of overlapping shapes/landscape. Weave with green colour and tonal variations.

Suitable for experienced and beginner weavers.

Beginner weavers will be introduced to techniques for weaving and designing tapestry.
3 Days,  10am-2.30pm
MATERIALS: $15 (includes the use of a tapestry frame and some yarn)
-    Tapestry frame if you already have one (we can tell you how to make your own simple frame)
-    Tapestry bobbins if you have any
-    Yarns you may like to use
-    Scissors
-    Notebook
-    Reading glasses if needed.

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